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Selling Your House As-Is vs. Making Repairs and Improvements

Sell My House Fast for CashIf you currently own a property that is in need of serious repairs, you may be deciding between repairing the property or selling it to a Houston sell house as is company. While minor cosmetic issues can often be resolved by a competent handyman or do-it-yourself expert, more extensive problems may require the services of a professional electrician, carpenter or construction company. Here are some of the most important reasons to consider selling now rather than waiting until after you can afford to repair major issues with your property.

The Cost of Repairs

In many cases, selling your home through conventional real estate companies may not be possible without investing a significant amount of money and time in making necessary repairs. In most cases if a house needs major repairs and cannot be appraised, no lender will be able to finance it. This can drain any profits from the proceedings and could actually leave you owing money to your mortgage company even after you are able to sell your property. Working with a company that specializes in purchasing houses and buildings in need of repair can help you eliminate the stress and effort needed to prepare your property while ensuring that you achieve the best financial results for your situation.

The Time and Stress Involved

Attempting to repair your property on your own can cost you much more than the money for materials. Your project could take up most of your free time on weekends and evenings. If you decide to hire help to deal with more complex issues, overseeing their progress can also create stress and worry throughout the process. By selling your property to a company that specializes in Houston sell my house fast arrangements, you can often avoid these stressful situations altogether.

The Uncertainty Associated with Real Estate Sales

The real estate market can change dramatically in the space of a day or a week. This can drastically affect the amount you can expect to receive for your property once it has been fully repaired. A cost-vs.-value report published by Remodeling Magazine indicates that nearly all remodeling and replacement projects cost much more than they recoup at the time of sale. By selling your home to a company that specializes in fast turnaround times, you can take advantage of current real estate conditions without risking downturns in the future.

Texas State Homebuyers can help if you are asking yourself, “Who can I trust in Houston to sell my house fast for cash?” We offer fast and courteous service for our clients and purchase homes in any condition. Call us today at 281-436-7408 to set up a free evaluation for your property and to stop worrying about making repairs on your ugly house. We look forward to helping you sell your house fast and getting on with your life.

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