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Jonathan just wanted out: I was approached by a customer who simply was tired of the bank wanting to modify his loan. He was consistently a month behind on his note and also stressed out about his job laying off and not enough work to keep him busy. He had some equity in the house. For Jonathan, we were able to provide a quick closing, moving assistance, and some cash to help him through the uncertainty of his manufacturing business. In the end he was very relieved to sell his house.

Lori was tired of maintaining her house: Lori called me and was just frustrated. She was in over her head with her house and simply wanted to move on. She was awarded her house in her divorce that she and her husband bought 4 years prior. She could afford the payments however she just couldn’t improve the house to her standard as “life just kept happening” and was just frustrated with home ownership. We were able to help her move on by providing moving assistance and a longer closing date. She wanted to be able to find a place that better suited her life and didn’t want to be too stressed out. In the end, she walked away with about $20,000 cash and the convenience.

Felix had a lot of stuff: Felix and his wife were divorced for about a year. When Felix invited me over to his house, he warned me that he has a lot of stuff in his house. He also wasn’t able to make payments on his house in over 12 months cause of the financial state his divorce left him. We agreed on a 30-day closing date, we provided a dumpster and helped him fill it, and he walked away with some cash.

Maritza had medical bills and was about to face foreclosure: When Maritza called me she was in a state of panic. She was behind on payments and her family was having a lot of medical problems. To make matters worse, her house was about to go into foreclosure and she didn’t know what to do. By working with her bank we were able to stop the foreclosure process and give her peace of mind. We then provided her moving boxes and supplies and were able to close her house quickly.

Carol’s Husband Passed Away: Carol was totally surprised by her husband’s death. Not only was it a surprise, he also did not leave a will and further complicated the selling process of her home. She fell behind on payments and as a result was facing foreclosure from her bank and her home owner’s association. In order to sell her house she needed to solve the problem left behind by her beloved and also find another place to live. We were able to help her with her probate issues, stop the foreclosure process, help her move, and also provided her enough cash to move on to a more comfortable place free from the bank and worry of foreclosure.