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What’s Next for You? At Texas State Homebuyers, our mission is to help people move on to a better life. Sometimes life can give you some unpredictable situations and we are here to help. Whether you’re behind on payments, inherited a house, need to sell during divorce, or simply want the convenience of selling your house fast for cash, we’re here to help you. When you call with us, we want to know “What’s Next for you?” so we can customize our proposal around your needs. Regardless of what you are going through we are here to help you figure that out. We specialize in helping our clients with unique solutions to their Sugar Land and Houston home problems. Call today (281)436-7408.

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We are your local Fort Bend (including Sugar Land) and Houston area homebuyers that specialize in quick sales of homes. Regardless of your situation or the condition of your house, we are interested in helping. We are here to help you reduce the stress of home ownership and move on to a better life. We realize that every situation is different and that every story is unique. We can have a cash offer to you in as little as 24 hours and are here to solve your real estate problem.

We Will Buy Your House As Is

How Can I Sell My Home Fast for Cash?How Can I Stop Foreclosure and Sell My Home Fast?Inherited a Property and It Needs Work?Eliminate Problem RentalsSell Your Home During Divorce
Sell Home For CashAt Texas State Homebuyers, we know that many different situations can result in an immediate need to sell my home fast for cash. Selling your house for cash is easier than a traditional approach through a real estate agent. There are many advantages to doing that you need to consider. Every situation is different so it’s best to discuss your need with a specialist. Call or email today.

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foreclosureIt’s important to know that time is not on your side in a foreclosure and that your bank is taking steps to remove you from the property. The bank does not want to take your house. It must however protect their stake in the property and follow the terms of your contract as defined in your mortgage agreement. The best thing to do in many situations is work with the bank for a reasonable compromise. If you’ve tried a loan modification and that won’t work for you, the next step is to call us as we will work with you and your bank to create a solution to stop foreclosure proceedings and to improve your financial situation.

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Inherit Property & Need to Sell?So you’ve inherited a home and don’t know what to do? Talk with us first as you may have options you haven’t considered. For many individuals, inheriting a property can be a problem. The time and money needed to repair and restore these properties can be extensive. We can help you manage these burdens and can often provide you with cash on hand in return for your property. Our experience and in-depth knowledge of the Sugar Land and Houston and surrounding area real estate marketplaces can help you make the best possible choices when selling an inherited home for cash.

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Tired of your rental propertyAre you tired of being a landlord or do you have a rental property that you’d simply like to unload? If so, give us a call. We can often put a cash offer into your hands within 24 hours of evaluating the property and can close in as little as 7 days. Our streamlined process can ensure the best possible results for you, your family and your business needs

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Getting Your Houston Home Sold During a DivorceSell your home during divorce: Let’s face it no matter your situation, divorce sucks! It’s a tough time of life for you, your soon-to-be ex and the entire family. Rest assured however that it will get better, it just takes a little time and action to settle your affairs. With your assets including your home, many times the best thing to do is simply sell your house and move on. Whether or not your house needs repairs, you should consider selling for cash as a way to bring finality to the stress of divorce. Call and talk to a specialist. We’ve been divorced too and understand what’s next for you.

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